As a member of FMA, you will receive: a FMA t-shirt, a Wall Street Journal subscription, enrollment in our basis point program, invitations to club exclusive club events, and access to internship and job opportunities. Membership in the club is not just limited to finance students – all Cal Poly students can join.

In order to differentiate more active members, FMA has an incentive program known as the Asset Member Program. Members can earn basis points from event participation and those with 10 or more basis points become Asset Members. We compile the resumes of all Asset Members and offer them to our speakers and the firms that attend our career fairs. In addition, asset members are invited on trips to cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles to tour and network with different firms.

Members receive basis points by attending weekly meetings and other FMA events. Basis points can be spent on custom FMA clothes, water bottles, pens, sunglasses, and more!

1 Point: Attending a meeting + 1 extra point for wearing your FMA shirt!

2 Points: Social Events (i.e. Golf Tournament, Beach Day, Etc.)