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Finance and Accounting students from all years are invited to attend. Faculty are highly encouraged to come and support as well! A full list of companies in attendance is available HERE, and instructions are available HERE 


Career Fair

The purpose of FFD is to provide students with the opportunity to get acquainted with various financial services companies ranging from corporate finance, banking, and more. A full list of previous companies can be found here. As this is a career fair, it is an opportunity for students to learn more about internship and full-time opportunities offered by companies attending. It is free to attend for students and faculty. The dress code if business professional and students are strongly encouraged to bring resumes in padfolios.




October 13 & 14

FFD is a means for students to get connected with a wide variety of possible internship and full- time opportunities. Thus, in order to facilitate the smooth transition of the event, ensure maximum amount of time to network, and to reward our outstanding membership, we are going to allow students attend the career fair in the following segments:


Freshman: It never hurts to introduce yourself to companies and recruiters earlier on. Not only will you be able to build a strong relationship over the years, but this will also show companies how serious you are about getting a job with them in the near future.

Sophomore/Junior: This is an opportunity for you to look into internships and see what sector of finance interest you. If you have a connection with some of the companies from previous years of attending FFD, this would be a great time to re- introduce yourself and express your desire to work for the company.

Senior: It is never too late to apply for a full time job. If you are still searching for a job or even an internship, this is a great opportunity for you to do so!


Students interested in signing up for Futures in Finance Day can do so on the Eventbrite link HERE. Signing up on Eventbrite ahead of time will guarantee students with professional nametags. Otherwise, they will have to hand write their names on plain nametags on the day of. Additionally, it will help the planning committee with distribution of swag items.

Be Prepared:

  • Dress code is strictly Business Professional
  • Research, research, research! Search the websites of all the companies that interest you and come prepared with well thought out questions to ask the professionals. A full list of firm’s bios will be provided closer to the event date.
  • Bring your resumes in a padfolio
  • If you strike a good conversation with some professionals, don’t forget to ask for their business cards
  • If you have any questions, please email